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ANTARCTICA presented by 2nd grade!

Fun Facts about Antarctica

  • About 90% of ice found on earth is in Antarctica
  • Antarctica is the highest, driest, coldest and windiest continent on Earth.
  • Antarctica is considered a desert.
  • The South Pole is found in Antarctica.

FIJI in Oceania presented by 5th Grade!

Fun Facts about Fiji

  • Officially the Republic of Fiji is made up of over 300 islands of which only 1/3 are inhabited.
  • Green salad lizards are only found in Fiji.
  • Surfing, scuba diving and fire walking are common activities.
  • Sugar and tourism are major industries in Fiji.
  • Population of Fiji is just over 900,000 people.
  • FIJIAN MASI is a beautiful fibrous cloth made from the inner bark of the masi tree (also known as the mulberry tree). 

NEW ZEALAND presented by 3rd grade!

Fun Facts about New Zealand

  • New Zealand is the first country to see the sunrise!
  • New Zealand was the first country to give women the right to vote in 1893.
  • New Zealand is home to the largest insect in the world, which has ears on its knees, loves carrots and weighs in at 70g. 
  • New Zealand is a country in the Southern hemisphere and belongs to Oceania. New Zealand consists of two main islands: the North Island and the South Island separated by the Cooke Inlet. 
  • New Zealand lies on the Ring of Fire and there are numerous volcanos on North Island.
  • There are LOTS of sheep in New Zealand – estimated that 9 sheep per 1 person!
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