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December 14, 2020 Minutes:

Mr. Nelson proposed making changes to the spending allocations originally asked for that were approved previously.  These items were proposed and the rationale given to the council.  The Chromebooks and headphones supplies ensure and support access to Imagine Learning and other software which support increases in achievement for our English Learners which ties directly to our school goals. The Swivl is a tool teachers use to video themselves giving instruction and is directly written into our plan for how teachers will evaluate progress towards implementation fidelity for English Language Development strategies.  Calm Corner supplies help students use Self-Management strategies to remain in the classroom and be able to access Tier One Instruction, critical for maintaining engagement which is aligned to our goals.  All of our classrooms have a calm corner and the strategy is guided by our Social Worker.  The additional 95% Group materials ensure access to this intervention for students at all tiers of instruction or intervention.  The items for our school store reinforce Tier One expectations at our school, and the Apple TV’s ensure teachers have acces to content and helps increase and maintain engagement during instruction.

The council proposed a vote to approve, Daniel Berry seconded the proposed vote for approval, and the changes were unanimously approved by the Council on Dec. 14th. 2020.  Jacob Hill (Council Chair)was absent but emailed his approval later that day after receiving the budget proposal and rationale via email.


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