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October 8, 2019 – Minutes

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Matt Nelson, Principal
Alex Torr, 3rd grade teacher

Jake Hill
Karen Jensen
Daniel Berry
Jeanifer Berry

East Midvale Elementary SCC Minutes October 8th, 2019 
Digital Citizenship Plan:  The plan was presented and reviewed by the council.  A motion to approve was made and the plan was approved unanimously.  

Attendance Policy:  Mr. Nelson presented the plan and reviewed the attendance letters and policy.  A motion to approve the policy was made and a vote to approve was made and it passed unanimously.  

No other items or concerns were brought forth.  

The meeting adjourned at 6:08. A

January 14, 2020 – Minutes

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Matt Nelson-Principal 
Mont Millerberg – CSD Board of Education Representative 
Raschell Davis -5th grade teacher
Alex Torr – 3rd grade teacher


Jacob Hill – SCC President
Jeanifer Berry – Parent
Daniel Berry – Parent
Ian Wilks – Parent

1/14/2020 – School Community Council Meeting Minutes

  1. Cell Tower Money was approved to be transferred.  Vote was proposed by- Jacob Hill. Seconded – Alex Torr.  Vote approved – Jeanifer Berry, Daniel Berry, Ian Wilks, Raschell Davis, Matt Nelson, Alex Torr,
  2. SNAP plan was reviewed and discussed.   Mention of putting a fence next to the drop off lane was discussed again.  All members signed the approval of the SNAP plan.
  3. Discussion of proposed change of C-SIP goal.
    1. As a school the teachers are wanting to change the progress and growth goal for the students to be 80% school wide.
    2. We discussed the turnover rate in the school being 30% of the students.
    3. We will update the C-SIP goal to represent this new goal.

Motion to adjourn – Jacob Hill

Seconded – Jeanifer Barry

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