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Finish Strong with Your Mask On:  Masks will continue to be required for all students, staff, and visitors through the end of the school year.  Thank you for your continued support and consideration of this policy!! PARENT MEETINGS this week:  SCC meeting rescheduled for Wednesday April 21 at 5:15 via Zoom. RISE TESTING begins this week for all 3rd-5th students.  This is a chance for students to show what they have learned this year! AT HOME LEARNING DAYS:  Friday April 23 and 30. SUMMER PROGRAM FOR MIDVALE BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB:  Registration for summer for current club members is April 26-30.  Registration for new participants will start May 3rd until capacity reached.

2nd Step Social Emotional Learning Tip of the Week

Students are learning PROBLEM SOLVING skills.  Lessons use the acronym S.T.E.P. to help students remember the skills.

1st STEP – calm down and say the problem without blaming others.
2nd STEP – Think of safe solutions. Come up with safe and respectful ideas to solve the problem.
3rd STEP – Explore Consequences. This allows you to think through situations and avoid solutions that will cause negative consequence
4th STEP – Pick the Best Solution. You need to pick the solution you think will be best to try first. If that solution doesn’t work, go back to your possible solutions and try another one.

Notice when your child explores positive and negative consequences.  Reinforce this with specific feedback!

Parent Script Tip:  “I see that you were able to pick a solution to let your brother finish his turn so that he would feel happy. You are showing empathy and compassion for your brother by allowing him to finish his turn before you take a turn.”

Continue to practice using these Problem Solving Steps!

S – Say the Problem
T – Think of Safe solutions.
E – Explore Consequences
P – Pick the Best Solution

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