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Highlight: Playworks Junior Coaches

Playworks Coach Abigail!

Playworks “helps kids stay active and build valuable life skills through play.”  The organization celebrated its 25th anniversary last year.  Playworks has partnered with Canyons Community Schools for over 6 years! 
We are very grateful for their  contribution to Recess R.I.C.H. experiences and for their youth development programs.

East Midvale is highlighting Coach Abigail’s Junior Coaches and the Junior Coach program this week!

Who are Junior Coaches? 4th & 5th grade students who run the world! …ok well the playground!

What do Junior Coaches do?  The coaches come out to the  different grade level recesses and facilitate games, solve conflicts and act as student leaders for the other students.  They are identified by their bright blue or purple Playworks shirts. 

How many junior coaches does East Midvale have this year? The program can support up to 17 students.  Currently East Midvale has 8!

How are Junior Coaches chosen? Teacher recommendation, principal recommendation and site coordinator input.

What else are Junior Coaches responsible for?  Junior Coaches meet once a week after school with Coach Abigail where they learn valuable skills including: game facilitation, emotional regulation and conflict resolution, to help them be successful leaders on the playground.

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